A comprehensive received data analysis of the effective involvement of promotional tools, adjustment of results, the collection and processing of statistical information, market research.
Analysis and research
"It seems to me", "I think", "I believe" - is not an argument for a startup or business management. Before expanding staff or purchasing materials it is necessary to examine in details the environment, into which you want to plunge. Qualitative analysis of suppliers and intermediaries, competitors and potential partners, customers and market trends offers an opportunity to desin a «full color» image. And internal analytics allows even finding out the spicy secrets of your customer and understanding the motives of his behaviour.
Web analytics - is a collection, studying, analysis and interpretation of statistical and aggregated data obtained through special counters and systems about the website. Web-analytics makes it possible to form a portrait of the user and his
interests, estimate the sources of traffic and conversion paths, the most and the least clickable modules, errors in navigation, purpose of the visit and the user's behaviour on the website. The most common is in-session (the data show that happened) and event (the data demonstrate who came) analytics. Analyzing the targets (page contacts, sending applications, product verification) it is necessary to take into account both types. The first is for the understading of the overall website statistics, the second is for the focusing on the work with target customers.
Market research
Market analysis - is a collection, processing, comparison and analysis of the received information for drawing the conclusions according to set aims. Marketing research can include a market, enterprise, project,
competitors, or commodity analysis. For the reception of data, the secondary and primary information is used . Primary data can be collected through the field research, focus groups, interviews, observation and surveys. Extracted information is generated from two sources: quantitative (statistical accurate objective data) and qualitative ones (assumptions, subjective conclusions), and then grouped for processing and subsequent preparation of conclusions.
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