It includes a set of tools for writing feature articles for the key user requests, reputation management in the network, the establishment of information noise and the creation of a complete customer database, specifying the relevance of contact data.
Forming of marketing surroundings of commodities or services
As well as a mother takes care of a child, surrounding him with love and protecting against possible offenses, so our team of content marketers and PR managers grooms each project.
Our main task — is to acquaint and to make potential customers fall in love with your products. Indeed, a task to assure a visitor in reliability and a high quality of the given services is fixed on the informative surrounding.
Copywriting is a creation of a unique text content according to a technical assignment. The main feature of a high quality copywriting is the ease of reading, literacy, informative loading, an excerpt of style and subject matter, as well as the
ability to shape the reader's loyalty and provoke the commission of a special purpose action. Creation of an advertisement, selling or SEO text passes through several stages. After the detailed analysis of preferences and interests of target audience, in accordance with a technical task, the selection and study of 10-15 information generators are implemented. Only after that, even familiar with the subject team of copywriters, starts writing texts. The prepared materials are checked up additionally by proof-readers and content-managers in order to avoid inaccuracy of implementation or insufficient quality of work.
Reputation Management
Proper reputation management involves a set of measures and actions aimed not only on complete understanding of the current estimation of activity of business structure or individuals, but also on the correct adjustment of
the received result. The very first step in such case will be the collection and processing of existing reviews: manually, passing by hundreds of pages of search results for dozens of possible key requests, and automated, allowing to know about appearance of a new mention already in a minute after its publication. Professional image formation involves not only the removal of the negative, but also the competent work with previously created records, and stimulation of emergency of new posts of a positive character. It is very easy to check the efficiency of the execution of tasks. In top 20 of extradition on targeted requests you must not see a single skipped or not fully processed feedback.
Informative noise
Informative noise is the unfiltered environment of the artificially created and natural data flows. Due to the creation of informative surroundings of your product or company, user forms sense of product popularity thereby the level of trust to
the company increases. For the obtaining of the appropriate result — name awareness — comes stage-by-stage work with general information and strictly specialized platforms, including publication and distribution of press-releases, registration and filling of catalogues and aggregating agents, bulletin boards and forums.
Creation and actualization of databases
Creating and actualization of databases involves manual content or enriching of necessary information, often contact and general information about the company or private individuals corresponding to special purpose
characteristics. This service includes: key collection of information, revision and expansion of existent data, verification and correction of out-of-date information, transfer or conversion of materials, processing and segmentation of press-releases, verification of authenticity of facts. Due to the long-term experience of providing service to EU residents and convenient geographical position, staff outsourcing is possible in Ukrainian, Russian, English and German.
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