Internal and external site optimization, creation and maintenance of social pages of a company, development and implementation of behavioral advertising campaigns, taking into account the individual characteristics of the project.
Project promotion and development
Creation of an excellent product is indisputable a key to success. But this is yet not even the middle of the road to profitability and net profit. The task of Маbolo team - is to create and support demand, warm up interest and bring around to your resource and/or brandname place of sale of "warmed-up" clients. A long-termstudy and permanent testing and self-perfection give us an opportunity not only to predict optimal channels of promotion, based on specifics of the business structure, but also to use them correctly.
SEO is the complex of the measures sent to the increases of website in the results of searching extraction. There are internal and external searching optimization. Internal optimization - is tedious work of several specialists, which
includes the preparation and distribution of semantic core, code cleaning, optimization of density of keywords in the text, prescription of meta tags, internal linking, compiling of file-instructions for searching robots, redirection of configuration, removal of duplicates and pasting pages, setting of the display of page 404. External optimization of website begins only after full completion of internal works. In fact, this is a competent work with the exchanges of references, registration in catalogues and placing of one-sided references to trust grounds.
Contextual and display advertisement
Context advertisement or PPC (Pay Per Click) is an address demonstration of text, graphic or videos-materials in the searching systems or on thematic grounds with the possibility of passing to the website advertiser. The most popular
payment model is - pay per click or move the user to the landing page. The main advantages of PPC advertising can be safely called targeting capabilities (time, geographical), selection of the audience (gender, age, interests), speed setting, high profitability and rapid receipt of results. There are several types of content advertisements:
  • Searching advertisement is a presentation of text announcement in the results of searching extraction on a certain keyword.
  • Display Network is a reflection of a text and/or graphic advertising materials on the thematic grounds-partners of searching networks.
  • Retargeting & Remarketing is an adjustablity of advertisement cooperation only with certain groups of users, additionally, further it is possible to adjust the amount and term of displays to one customer.
  • Advertisement in social networks is the address displays on narrowly selected targeting of target audience of the textual and graphic advertising materials.
The most essential element while working with contextual advertisement is not only a reduction in the cost of clicks and increase of CTR, but also the subsequent conversion rate on the website of advertiser.
SMM (Sosial Media Marketing) — is a set of measures for driving the traffic or the attention of users, using social media as new communication channels. It is necessary to remember, that SMM includes not only social
networks, but also specialized platforms, blogs, forums, and video hosting. Conventionally, the social media promotion can be divided into several stages: concept development, creation and design of official profiles, infolvment of the basic users and generation of the target and advertising content, work with target users. Appropriate SMM allows to create informative environment of the company, to elaborate the recognizability and loyalty of the audience, also social factors are taken into account by search engines in ranking.
Design and production of advertising campaigns
Advertising concept — is the main informational message of your company. It's an idea that combines the logo, corporate identity, slogan, brand-book and advertising campaign.
Advertising concept must sell emotion, solution to the question, need, or the image or an additional benefit to the client. Concept development includes market analysis and the compilation of consumer portrait, if necessary, creates a logo, corporate identity and slogan of the company, the composition of the legend, the choice of optimal techniques and methods of sales promotion, positioning development. After the approval of all the main issues, the design team together with experienced marketers, create the desired visual and/or audio series, necessary for implementing the concept and receiving results.
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