Planning and implementation of a variety of representative pages of a company (sites) in order to attract customers, commission of direct sales, communication with the consumer audience.
Development of Internet projects
Website - is the main "face" of the company in the Internet. We will be able to take care of forming only positive opinions among your potential clients.
We solve the tasks of any level of complication - from the online business card to the large internet-shop, taking into account all rules of usability and features of customers. Trere is only an individual approach to the design of your products.
A target page (a landing page) is a single-page promo-site, aimed at comitting a special purpose action by a visitor: following a link, filling out forms, order fulfillment and other. There are two basic types of landings: intermediate (created for
the user's "training" and further "processing", before proceeding to the next landing) and final one (web-pages created for the conversion). At first sight, the simplest website, from technical point of view, is simultaneously one of the most difficult and one of the most effective platforms for the feasance of sales.
Promotional website
Notwithstanding the relatively short life of a promotional website, underestimation of its importance is equivalent to the failure of the activity and blank drain of the budget. Bright, informatively-saturated, clear and catchy website
consisting only of 2-3 pages must fully perform its main mission - to provoke a potential client to the target action. As a rule, creating promotional websites tends to use much more complex elements than for the corporate pages, for example. The use of flash animations, parallax effects, plurality of scripts and specially written modules gives the visitors of the website the feeling of peculiarity and seriousness in the preparation of the activity. Correctly added difficult elements of development give the ease of use of the resource for the audience, and correctly written administrative panel allows working without special skills to any employee of the company-customer.
Corporate website
Corporate website is a communicative platform, that optimizes the processes of information exchange, executed according to the unique company style. Depending on necessities there are four types of similar resources: for clients,
for partners, for employees and mixed. The primary aim of creating a corporate website for customers is to line up high-quality feed-back with clients. Increase of loyalty level takes place due to an intuitively clear interface, which allows a potential client to find not only the basic information about the company, its commodities and services, but also to get an exhaustively skilled answer for arising questions without an effort. The correctly created corporate website for work with partners will become an integral part of the image and solid argument while choosing a contractor. Designed to suit individual necessities, personal cabinet enables each user to track the progress of operations, handle billing and payment, promptly update information, and provides ordering on-line. Creation of the corporate website for work with employees will solve the problem of rapid notification of necessary specialists groups, raising and monitoring of implementation of tasks, tracking the effectiveness and efficiency of departments. Multi-functional administrative panel does not become a stumbling stone, as its use does not require special skills and special time spent for training.
Online Shop
The development of online retail project is a multi-level task, that requires close cooperation between the internal departments of the company, as well as smooth communication between the Project manager and the Customer
representative. The long-term research, testing and daily studying allow marketers to develop an optimal structure and the best logic for the project. Obeying the laws of usability and visualization, as well as listening to the web design trends and taking into account the preferences of the target audience, experienced designers create unique sites, which allow easily converting the resource users to satisfied customers. Daily practice gives webmasters the ability to choose the best solution for the implementation of an online shop: spicialized CMS or tailor made engines. Integration with the internal customer's CRM, convenient administrative panel and flexibility of the selected system enable to increase sales without significant time and cost.
Technical support
Internet resources of any complexity require constant monitoring and the functional elements update, thus ensuring smooth operation and protection from malicious elements. Technical website support includes various directions
ranging from the assistance on domain name registration, selection and setup the hosting, monitoring and reminders about making payments for these services, the establishment of corporate e-mail to the correction of the work of the site, CMS updates to current versions to avoid hacking and hack attacks, creation and storage of backups, which will allow quickly reestablishing the recent version of the site in case of problems with hosting. Mandatory elements will also be tracking of visibility and speed of loading pages, adding and setting of additional modules and extensions, installation of services analytical scripts.
Information support
Information website support is a regular actualization of database resourses and providing the functionality of interactive systems, which include the news sections, publication, FAQ and forums. Regular updating and adding
information to the website, tracing the popularity of the content, selection, creation and processing of graphic and photographic materials, work with video content, optimization of information to the requirements of search engines will add your resource attraction not only for the search engines, but also for the user.
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