Is a large distributor of the exquisite jewelry and exclusive accessories made of silver. European brand for producing and sale of original charms, beads and pendants on symbolic subjects for the creation of an individual style.
The outsourcing agency Mabolo





website development

information noise

reputation management


Well-arranged and efficient work of MABOLO helped the company create a bright web-site with the rich complete catalogue of products and description of commodity positions. An integrated approach to the promotion brought the brand in the top search queries in the region, gathered a unique consumer audience in social networks.
Наша компания уже не один раз обращалась за помощью к фирме Mabolo.В процессе своей деятельности специалисты компании подтвердили свой высокий профессиональный уровень и компетентную организацию в решении задач.